Words With Lauri



“Lauri helped me out tremendously when I had an expedited transcript over a weekend. She stepped right up to the task. Her work was flawless and timely.”  C. Boyle, Court Reporter


I was that weird kid that you knew in grammar school. You know who I mean...the one who loved taking tests and had a vocabulary beyond her years. My yearbooks are full of entries from classmates that say things like "To Lauri, a nice girl who always uses big words." Through the years, I informally became the go-to person for people in my life when they needed help with their resumes, doctoral dissertations and book editing (both fiction and non-fiction). In addition, I have worked professionally as a proofreader, technical writer, and as a transcriptionist (both medical and general).

I earned a bachelor's degree in business (summa cum laude), certification in medical transcription and trained in legal transcript proofreading through Proofread Anywhere.

Thank you for visiting my website! Have a look around and let me know if you have any questions about how I can make you look good!

How I can save you time and money!

One thing I've learned since deciding to pursue a career in transcript proofreading is that court reporters have one tough job! From unfamiliar terminology, lawyers talking over one another, witnesses that are difficult to understand, plus the expectation that every word is taken down accurately, formatted properly and all errors caught! That is a huge job, and impossible for one person to do without investing a huge amount of time.

It is far more cost effective for a CR to have a reliable and dependable transcript proofreader to take on some of that burden. I've naturally gravitated toward positions that involved proofreading, writing, and transcription. Having studied through the Transcript Proofreading Theory and Practice training program I've had the opportunity to hone and refine my skills even further.

As a team, we can work together to produce accurate and clean transcripts.